About us...

Our roots as a team come from many years and many experiences serving together in the United States Army as Corps of Engineers officers and NCOs. Co-founded by Catherine and James Dunkelberger in 2002, DMI was intended as an effort to capitalize on the combined and exceptional real property asset portfolio management talents of several key Army and Army Reserve Engineer officers.   These officers constitute most of the best and brightest minds with whom James Dunkelberger proudly served throughout his two decades of military facilities engineering leadership. This intent has driven us to realize the strong professional bond we have today and that we carry into our work as a team.  


The DMI Team brought forward extensive high performance experience cultivated at all levels, including the highest levels of the Department of the Army, both as military officers and as contractors.  DMI Team members have distinguished themselves as major performers in senior installation management, major real property asset portfolio management, military construction (MILCON), military resource management, and major program management positions during their military careers.  We’ve commanded installations; led major DA Staff elements; served as Army Reserve Program Directors for numerous Base Operations, MILCON, and Environmental accounts; served as Regional Engineers; acted as proponents for major automation applications and suites; performed as agents for business process improvement; and led complex, multi-level re-organizations of key functional communities within the Army.   

As contractors, our DMI professionals have rendered substantial planning, policy, process, management, technical, and execution support to major agency/departmental programs such as the Army BRAC 2005 Program, Army and Army Reserve MILCON Programs, and the Army Reserve Real Property Exchange (RPX) Program

armedforcesreservecenterorlando.jpeg Armed Forces Reserve Center, Orlando, FL

DMI maintains a Core Expertise Element comprised of six members who jointly possess more than 160 years of outstanding performance and in-depth experience managing U.S. Army real property assets at every level including Headquarters, Department of the Army. This uniquely postured element provides in-depth, “reach back capability” and “strength in depth” flexibility to assist in any Federal Government facilities challenge or situation.  It ensures un-interrupted and full capability service to the client no matter what the job or cause. The DMI Core Expertise Element members, joined by other DMI and partner subject matter experts in Federal Government real property asset management, real estate services, environmental stewardship, base operations, resource management, and construction management create a formidable action team to address any and all client requirements. 

We are a full-service real property asset portfolio management consulting group.  See an overview of our services.